Solaico distributes its solar panels in France

Solaico continues to make its way in different countries around the world. As well as maintaining good business relations with Portugal, in this case we will talk about neighboring France, where the company has already had the opportunity to install solar panels.

Solar panels in new European markets

The company has already made several projects there. With the invaluable help of the new delegate, Thierry Lenertz, Solaico wants to position itself in France and continue to introduce its catalog of solar products and photovoltaic integration.

The products that Solaico is going to distribute on the other side of our borders are the following: SL 606 and SL 608. Both, photovoltaic modules manufactured in Europe, with superior materials. In addition, the products of Solaico, carry with them a certificate that gives them validity of installation in any country in the world.

With the opening to the French market, Solaico has the opportunity to expand and continue installing its products in the rest of European countries.

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