Solaico is a company manufacturing solar panels poly and mono. The company has a large experience in the field of renewable energy. She has also a huge capacity of production up to 60 Mw per year. She has 3 production lines, the last one bought during 2016, which made Solaico one of the major manufacturers in Europe.


Placas solares fotovoltaicas
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Solaico in the world

The company has intensified its presence in the Mediterranean countries of Europe and North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Niger, Mali, and Chad). It also has several delegations in countries of South America (Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil) where it exports photovoltaic solutions for areas where conventional electricity distribution is complicated.

Production process

The versatility of its production lines enables Solaico to be able to manufacture several 12 and 24 V models. Using European first quality materials, and always maintaining an excellent quality / price ratio of its products.

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